A rainy day at Filoli

I had a commercial job at Filoli today, photographing the spring clothes line for the wonderful Eden & Zoe.

It didn’t feel much like spring with the rain pouring all around us. But it did make it nice and moody for walking around with my Hasselblad after the crew left…

Escaping the smoke

We’ve been inundated with smoke from the Butte fires. Sunday was a foggy morning, giving some respite, so Unai San Matin and I went in search of trees. We ended up on Mt. Tam where we found these beautiful eucalyptus. After photographing in heavy fog for about an hour we started to pack up and the sun came out right on cue.

I’m really looking forward to the rain coming in tomorrow to help put out the fires that have been so destructive.

Eucalyptus Grove, Mt. Tam

Eucalyptus Grove, Mt. Tam

Master photogravurist Unai San Martin

Master photogravurist Unai San Martin

Change in the weather

The weather is starting to change. There’s a chill in the air and the clouds are coming in. I’m sure we’ll have an Indian summer soon but in the meantime I’ll be photographing cloudy things.

I’m running out of my favorite film, Agfapan, which was discontinued years ago. The rolls I have left expired in 1998 but they still look fine. Looking for a replacement led me to try this photograph on Rollei 100 which I processed in Rodinal. It’s not exactly the same but it’s close enough to make me happy. I wonder if it’s more about the film or the developer, either way it’s nice to have it available.


SFMOMA Artists Gallery Opening

At a loss to describe how grateful I am to all the people who came to last night's opening. So many old friends and new friends, I'm humbled and grateful to everyone of you for your support. 
And thanks Matt O'Brien for photographing it all


Books are ready!

The books are ready, just in time for the show.

Edition One did a great print job on the standard books, the linen cover is beautiful and the prints are all tipped in, one at a time, by me.

The bespoke version is really something. Many hours and lots of printing went into the handbound version. At the last moment my binding partner Peggy Boston decided to make a clamshell box with a small print mounted on it. That took it up to a whole other level and I'm super proud of the finished piece. 

Now it's time to put the last couple of frames together before everything is delivered to SFMOMA Artists Gallery first thing on Monday.


3 1.jpg

SFMoma Artists Gallery Show

Well I've been working hard and the show is all framed and ready to go.

Next up is to finish assembling the books. There will be 50 9"x9" copies printed by Edition One Books, each one will have a 5"x5" fiber based print tipped in the back.

There are also 3 handbound copies, printed on Hahnemuehle Duo with an 8"x8" print tipped in and a clamshell box. It's something I'm really proud of and I'll have a short video about it posted in a few days.

Here are the small prints getting prepped for the clamshell cover...

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 3.46.40 PM.png

New Year's Day

I like to start a new year with a new photograph, but often end up revisiting places. This year I decided to find somewhere new, took a drive 30 minutes north and came across this bridge just off Hwy 37 before Sears Point. I haven't researched it's story yet but I know it's one of those places I'll revisit more than once.


Cold Weekend

I found this pier when I was up in Tahoe and thought it would be worth scaling a fence in the dark with an 8"x10" camera over my shoulder. I'm glad I did. It's a 40 minute exposure, giving the feeling of daylight. The print is Platinum/Paladium on Fabriano Uno paper.


Hot Weekend

It looks like it's going to be a sweltering weekend in the Bay Area, I'll have a root beer to keep cool until the fog arrives.

Back from Photolucida

Well that was my first trip to Portland but it won't be my last. What a wonderful, friendly and beautiful city it is. The Photolucida reviews went well, I showed my work to a lot of gallerists and publishers and learned a lot. Now it's time to do what I do, go out and make some more photographs!


I've spent the last week getting ready for the Photolucida portfolio reviews. The printing was done concurrently with the Image Flow show and now the spotting and matting is all finished there's just the artist statement to work on. This doesn't come naturally to me, I find it easier to speak with images, but I think it's an important part of the portfolio process.

So off to Portland I go for 4 days of meeting with reviewers and meeting some cool photographers...